Science Lab

State-of-the-art Science Laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology are
dedicated to the development of scientific temper and aptitude. These labs enhance

classroom teaching by:

  • Open-ended investigative processes, using scientific problem solving.
  • reinforcing and clarifying scientific principles and concepts through application of classroom information
  • improving retention of concepts through three-dimensional rather than two-dimensional learning experience
  • stimulating students to understand the unpredictability and complexity of science
  • providing opportunities to engage in collaborative work and to model scientific attitudes and behaviour
  • Developing mastery of techniques and skills needed for career in science, engineering, and technology.
  • Knowledge gained here enables students’ practical and concrete understanding of their own physical makeup, the functioning of the natural world around them and environmental issues.

Maths Lab
  • A well-equipped Maths Lab helps students to understand mathematics and its applications in practical life, while boosting their capacity to think mathematically.
  • They learn mathematics by performing activities and by hands on experience.
  • The well-planned and innovative methods train and expose students to complexities of Mathematics.
Computer Lab
  • The school has well equipped lab with hi-tech computers of Intel Core 2 series and have 40 systems apart from the central servers.
  • Broadband Internet facility which can be easily extended as and when required.
  • The labs are continuously upgraded for students to learn latest software skills.
  • Teachers can connect their desktops into the campus-wide LAN.
  • Each node is connected to the centralized networking facility.
  • Effective firewall ensures computer security and anti-virus software is there in every desktop
Admission open for 2018-19 Pre Kg-VI STD


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